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Harvested from our family’s field surrounding the small mountain-side village of Glykorrizi in the Peloponnese, the Koroneiki Olive Tree thrives in the warm, dry summer days of this region’s Mediterranean climate. This variety of olive originated in this area and has been grown in Greece for over 3,000 years. The Koroneiki Olive Oil yields natural aromas of tannin-rich green leaves, a hint of nuttiness and a smooth peppery finish.

For multiple generations, our land has been tended by family members and local villagers. We are proud to say that Kosta’s Olive Oil is the fruit of hard labor, dedication, passion and love for the Koroneiki Olive and our tradition.



Kosta’s Olive Oil is Extra Virgin

We are proud to announce that a sample of Kosta’s Olive Oil was certified as Extra Virgin by the UC Davis Olive Oil Taste Panel.