Kosta Stathopoulos

I’ve been a San Francisco Bay Area local for nearly 8 years. My parents immigrated to the United States from Greece in the early 70’s.  In order to maintain our culture, my parents regularly sent my brother and I to Greece for three to four months of the year to stay with grandparents and family.  Over the decades, I’ve developed strong familial and cultural ties to my Greek heritage.  The pride I have for my culture drives my enthusiasm to share it with the rest of the world.  Kosta’s Olive Oil is the manifestation of my passion and love of the Greek culture.  Just recently, I began importing and selling my family’s Koroneiki Olive Oil from Messenia, Greece.  The olive oil from this region is highly sought after for its exquisite taste, flavor and quality.



Jennifer Habelito

Greek Olive Oil was not available to me as a child growing up in the Philippines. Upon coming to the States I have acquainted myself with many cultures, one that particularly intrigued me were the Greeks. I knew my first trip to Greece would not be my last, but rather an introduction to a now annual visit. I developed a great fondness for the place and the people – especially to those who fed me well. I realized food is a universal passport to new friends, experiences, and cultures. The food was indeed sensational! To say that Greek food is delicious is an understatement. The preparation, care, craft, and quality of ingredients that goes into the process of cooking Greek Food is an art in itself. It was during my visits that I learned the key component to every Greek dish is the Olive Oil. It is used before, during and after the dish is cooked. The difference Greek Olive Oil creates on the palate turns into a constant want for more. Looking back, I can’t imagine having lived without Greek Olive Oil, it is now such a huge part of my daily life and now I get to share my passion with others.